Success: Urban Mining Increases Profitability

Nov 26, 2020

The Case Study

At Computers by Jfc, we take pride in our proven success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions in the Computers Electronics and Technology - Computer Hardware industry. In this case study, we delve into the remarkable success achieved by Urban Mining, a prominent player in the field of electronic waste recycling.

Introduction to Urban Mining

Urban Mining is an innovative company that specializes in the recycling and refurbishment of electronic waste. With a mission to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices, Urban Mining has found a unique niche in the market by effectively turning discarded electronics into valuable assets.

The Challenge

Urban Mining approached us, Computers by Jfc, seeking solutions to improve their profitability and market presence. Despite being experts in their field, they were facing challenges in reaching their target audience and effectively showcasing their unique value proposition.

Our Approach

Understanding Urban Mining's core objectives and challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy to boost their profitability and establish them as a leader in the electronic waste recycling industry. Our approach comprised of the following key elements:

1. Website Optimization

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Urban Mining's website and implemented optimization techniques to enhance its visibility on search engines. By improving the site's structure, content, and keywords, we ensured that it ranked higher in search engine results for relevant queries.

2. Targeted Content Creation

We developed engaging and informative content that highlighted the benefits and importance of electronic waste recycling. By incorporating targeted keywords and industry-specific terminology, we effectively positioned Urban Mining as a trusted resource in the field.

3. Online Advertising Campaigns

To accelerate Urban Mining's growth, we implemented carefully crafted online advertising campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, display ads, and social media promotions. These campaigns ensured maximum reach and generated high-quality leads for the company.

4. Social Media Engagement

We recognized the power of social media in reaching and engaging with Urban Mining's target audience. By developing a strong social media presence and sharing valuable content, we fostered a loyal community of followers who actively supported Urban Mining's mission.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

Improving conversion rates was vital to Urban Mining's profitability. We implemented various optimization techniques to enhance the user experience, streamline the conversion process, and increase the overall number of leads generated through the website.

The Results

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Urban Mining, the company achieved remarkable success, significantly increasing its profitability within a short span of time. Through our tailored approach, Urban Mining experienced the following outcomes:

  • Increase in website traffic by 150%
  • Improved search engine rankings on targeted keywords
  • Higher conversion rates, resulting in a 200% growth in leads
  • Expanded market reach and brand recognition
  • Positive customer testimonials and feedback


Our collaboration with Urban Mining exemplifies our ability to drive remarkable success and profitability for our clients in the Computers Electronics and Technology - Computer Hardware industry. The strategies implemented by Computers by Jfc successfully positioned Urban Mining as a leader in electronic waste recycling, resulting in increased profitability and a positive impact on the environment.

If you are seeking similar success for your business, Computers by Jfc is here to help. Contact us today to explore how our proven strategies can elevate your brand and maximize your profitability in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Cooper Forshag
Impressive urban mining success story!
Oct 15, 2023