Electronic Components Distributor in Canada and PLC Repair Services

Nov 7, 2023


QFAutomation, a reputable and trusted company in the electronic components industry, aims to provide top-notch products and exceptional services to businesses in Canada. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and extensive knowledge in the field, QFAutomation has established itself as a leading electronic components distributor and provider of professional PLC repair services.

Electronic Components Distributor in Canada

QFAutomation takes pride in offering a wide range of high-quality electronic components required by businesses across various industries. Our comprehensive inventory includes but is not limited to resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, connectors, switches, and much more.

With a stringent quality control process in place, we ensure that all of our products meet the highest industry standards. By partnering with reputable manufacturers, we can offer genuine and reliable electronic components to our customers.

Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in identifying the right components for your specific needs. Whether you require components for manufacturing, prototyping, or research purposes, QFAutomation is your go-to electronic components distributor in Canada.

PLC Repair Services

QFAutomation understands the importance of efficient and reliable programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in the industrial automation sector. When a PLC malfunctions, it can lead to costly downtime for businesses. That's where our professional PLC repair services come in.

Our experienced technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair various PLC issues, helping you minimize production disruptions and get your operations back up and running quickly. We handle PLC repairs for different brands and models, ensuring that your specific requirements are met.

At QFAutomation, our commitment to quality extends to our repair services as well. We use genuine spare parts to ensure the longevity and reliability of the repaired PLCs. With a strict testing process, we guarantee that the repaired PLCs meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.

Why Choose QFAutomation?

  • Extensive Product Inventory: Our vast selection of electronic components covers a wide range of needs, ensuring that you can find everything you require for your projects.
  • Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality and only offer genuine components from reputable manufacturers. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure that you receive reliable products.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team is always available to provide assistance, helping you find the right components or guiding you through the PLC repair process.
  • Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of prompt service, and our efficient repair services help minimize downtime and delays in your operations.
  • Competitive Pricing: QFAutomation offers competitive prices on all our products and services, ensuring that you can access high-quality components and repair solutions without breaking the bank.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We value our customers and strive to exceed their expectations. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service has earned us a loyal client base.

Contact QFAutomation

Whether you are looking for electronic components or require PLC repair services, QFAutomation is here to assist you. Our dedicated team is ready to address your inquiries, provide quotes, and offer comprehensive solutions to meet your requirements.

To learn more about our products and services, please visit our website qfautomation.com or contact us directly by phone at +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or email at [email protected].


QFAutomation stands out as an electronic components distributor in Canada and a reliable provider of PLC repair services. With an extensive inventory, commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support, we aim to meet all your electronic component needs and assist you in restoring malfunctioning PLCs efficiently and effectively. Trust QFAutomation for all your electronic component requirements and PLC repair solutions.

Robert Moles
Impressive products and reliable services.
Nov 8, 2023